About us

What Is the 200 Club?

The 200 Club is an organization of business men and women, public safety professionals, and others who stand ready to provide financial assistance to the families of law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel.

What is the history of the 200 Club movement?

There are 200 Clubs throughout the United States. Founded in 1950 in Detroit, the Club got its start when a local businessman recruited 100 of his friends, each of whom contributed to the family of a young police officer who lost his life while trying to prevent a bank robbery.

What is the principal mission of the Passaic County 200 Club?

Within 48 hours of the death of a police officer, fire fighter or EMS professional, the 200 Club presents a check in the amount of $10,000.00 to the family of the deceased to help them get through the difficult times that accompany such a loss. Additionally, we provide college scholarships to every child affected by the loss with a $2,500.00 stipend over four years of their college careers as long as they maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Does the club honor THOSE NOW SERVING?

Yes. The Club honors servicemen and women with our Prestigious Valor and Merit Awards at the annual Valor Awards Dinner at which we recognize significant acts of heroism by those who risked their lives in the performance of their duties. Additionally, we present a Civilian Award of Merit at the dinner, along with the annual Scholarship awards. The latter are integral elements of the 200 Club's mission.